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The filling mashine from PTI is used for filling of liquid media such as cacuum boxes, or other similar media. The machine dispenses after a piston pumping principle, whereby the stroke can be varied. The system is pneumatically driven and is PLC controlled. The pump is able to run as single-layer by activating the psh button, or pump continuously by a signal from a timer, sensor or grom other machines. Pumps and various valves are selected and designed for the pecific task to take the utmost account of viscosity, gentle filling, foam and other factors that has influence of the filling process.


The filling machine is designed and built for each task based on customer requirements and wishes. The standard cycle sequence helps to ensure proper operation and the machine is easy to restart after any shutdown, emergency stop etc. The machine is able to perform several different tasks fills. The controller is built in a way so that automatic or semi automatic operations can take place. The machine is also designed so it is easy to disassemble and clean.

Design data:

The filling machine is made of stainless steel AISI 304, and other FDA approved materials. Furthermore the machine is designed based on DS/EM 1672/2 (hygiene requirements for food machinery).


Pneumatic driven piston pump with PLC control.

Fill valve is made of stainless steel and relevant plastic materials - suitable for the medium to be filled.

Speed PTI-filling machine is able to run up to 30 fillings per minute (depends of the adjusted length of stroke) The filling machine runs typically at an accurancy of 2-5% and is constructed with 4-40 pistons.


Electricity: 400 V, 0 and earthed.

Dimensions (displayed machine):

Heigh (1600 mm)

Length/width (1500 mm)

Line height (900 mm)

These dimensions are only approximate.


PLC controlled: After customer request.



CVR: 19051277



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