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PTI A/S produces units which can be used within several industries, mainly the process- and food industry. To PTI the term “Unit” implies a complete item which performs a particular process. This item is built on a frame with pumps, exchangers, containers, electricity control etc. which makes it simple to connect to an existing plant. The only connecting part at assembling is pieces to ensure admission of the product which should be handled, electricity, water, steam etc.

Mentionable units:

  • Pasteur units
    Cip Units
  • Pump Units
  • Dosage Units
  • Filtration Units
  • Customer specified Units

See also:
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PTI delivers special designed units which meet your exact requirements and desires. Since PTI’s units are tested ahead of delivery, the time of mounting is short which minimizes the expenses to workers, and furthermore the disturbance of production is minimal. PTI’s units are easy to move if a change in the production layout is needed.

Quality control:
PTI A/S work by the ISO 9001 Quality Control System.



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