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Knowledge and growth

​PTI A/S established itself in the dairy business in 1963 with the name Vestjydsk Mejeri-Service. Back then the primary activities were industrialization and renovation within the dairy section. Ever since we have been a part of the dairy industry, and have followed its development from many local dairies to big ultramodern dairy units.

In 1980 we started exploiting our experience through application and constructing systems of stainless steel in other industries, also in previous unknown contexts.

Through the years we have acquired a key knowledge on how food should be handled. This knowledge is used in development of technical solutions to the required assignments. The requirements to hygiene and cleaning production equipment are of more and more importance. We will of course meet these requirements in our solutions. Our flexibility and diversity have led to many demanding special assignments in stainless steel.

​Our production equipment has been improved through the years. Today we have modern technology to weld and work with stainless steel. Furthermore we have established knowledge on types of steel and processes of manufacturing, which makes us capable to solve many different assignments.

We have specialized in building plants to internal transportation and handling and development of complete units in which the purpose is to fill, dose, coat and heat heat-treat liquid and creamish products.

All units have been tested ahead of delivery which makes the installation and start-up very short.



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